How To Introduce Yourself


One huge obstacle that keeps people from remembering our name is whether or not they hear it. Dale Carnegie has developed a great way for you to introduce yourself and have people not only hear your name, but remember it!

You just have to remember the 3 P’s.  Pause – Part – Punch


When someone asks your name or it’s the appropriate place in the interaction to introduce yourself, begin with, “My name is…”
And then stop.
For a moment.
The pause keeps you from doing what so many people do: running the introduction into your first name. Before I corrected this, people would sometimes hear “Steve” when I introduced myself, because the “s” at the end of “My name is…” would run into the “Dave” and sound like “Steve.”


Once you’ve paused, state your first name clearly and then stop again.
You want a clear “part” between your first and last name. This means waiting another moment before saying your last name.
Placing a part between the first and last name means that they don’t run together and that it’s easier for other people to hear which is which. Make it easy for your audience.
If you have a first or last name with multiple words, use a part between each one.


Finally, be sure to punch out your last name.
Most people tend to lower their energy and volume when the get to the end of their name. You can avoid this by making a conscious effort to punch out your last name.
This doesn’t mean you’re going to yell, but you do want to emphasize your last name so people don’t miss it. Knowing your name is “Dave” doesn’t do much good later if they can’t tie it to a specific Dave.

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