Micro Blogging


Another way to interact with your microbloggingyounger employees is by using micro blogging. I know, you must be thinking, blogging? What?

Micro blogging is simply the act of placing small amounts of information usually with an image or a video link on a website.

These posts might consist of short text snippets (maximum number of characters specified by the application), a photo, an audio clip, or a few seconds of video, any of which can be shared publicly or with a selected group of subscribers. As updates are added, they are aggregated into a personal stream of information, sometimes fused with updates from other users they have chosen to follow. Users tag posts with keywords so that others can search topics and follow comments and conversations.

You can do this to share why we do a particular procedure or have a specific policy. It is also good for sharing ideas for how to handle customers.

Reference the post “How to Introduce Yourself” for an example of a micro blog.

How to Introduce Yourself

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