Mini Lecture

The mini lecture is a short recorded audio or video presentation that is about one topic or learning objective. Most often they are audio recordings or podcasts.

Microlectures are typically produced by an instructor, who might begin by drafting a rough script that includes an introduction, a list of key points to cover, and a conclusion. These short lectures encourage a self-directed model of learning, allowing students to select lessons to watch and to move through them at their own pace. Microlectures are easy to integrate into the curriculum because they can be used in a variety of ways and are short enough to fit almost anywhere, and they offer an appealing option for mobile learning.

Mini lectures allow students to review them as often as necessary and from any device they have.

You can create mini lectures to explain a variety of topics like: why we do something, how we navigate a system, how to handle a difficult customer or what the incentive plan looks like for a particular product or service.

See the links below for examples of mini-lectures.

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