About Us

heather-kraus Heather Kraus

Heather has been in the Corporate Learning world for many years.  She has worked primarily in the finance industry where she started as a teller many years ago.  She is passionate about reaching all learners through whatever style, method or medium is necessary.  She is excited to learn about new technologies and apply them to her work.

melissa Melissa Romero

Melissa came to the world of Instructional Design via teaching at an alternative high school for at risk  youth. She is passionate about diversification in the classroom, and stands by the belief that all students can excel if they are taught to their own particular learning style. In every module that she designs, Melissa strives to engage learners with a broad range of interactions that meet them at their various levels of understanding.

headshot Lisa M Wright

Lisa has been in the Training and Development field for 20 plus years. She has worked with companies and end users in the financial, manufacturing, higher education, and oil & gas sectors.  Educated as secondary social science teacher she describes herself as a “Training Survivalist”. She enjoys learning and working with new trends and loves to network with people that share her same passion of teaching thru whatever means it takes to make it stick. Lisa is currently attending the ILT masters program at the University of Colorado.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments and contributions.


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